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4th-6th Grade – 2 Weeks – $330

Acids… and bases… and magic… oh my! This thrilling two week class will explore the magic of science- chemistry. We’ll explore polymers, acids, bases, chromatography, chemical reactions and much more. Many of our exciting experiments can be easily reproduced at home with simple ingredients found in your kitchen. Join us for some exciting, chemically charged, color-changing fun!

Some of the exciting activities that will be taking place in our chemistry class include:

  • Liquid Layers-Students are challenged to layer four colored “mystery liquids” of different densities in a clear drinking straw.
  • Red Cabbage Chemistry- Students will use cabbage juice to form an understanding of acids and bases. 
  • Patriotic Color Experiments- Students will get to use various chemicals to make colors appear and disappear!
  • Pop Rock Density Layers- Students will use Pop Rock candy to observe how to make density layers! 
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