Parent Of The Year

Become Parent Of The Year In 4 Easy Steps!

We know a few things here at Minds On Science… science being the obvious one, but ensuring you get the World’s Greatest Parent Award is something else we’re pretty good at!  Follow these easy steps and we guarantee you a gold star 🙂

STEP 1: Pick a class
Look through our incredible classes listed below, and pick an enrichment class (or two) that you know your child would be over the moon to take part in this summer!  We’ve included a few teaser activities that will be taking place in each class-
STEP 2: Register your child
Click on over to and select your class, and session (morning or afternoon, week 1 or week 2) and register your child for what we promise to be the greatest weeks of their summer!  We have seats open in our 7 expertly crafted classes, sign up today to reserve your spot.
STEP 3: Share the news with your scientist!
Get your well deserved credit when you tell your child they’re signed up for an incredible science enrichment class they’re SURE to love.  Show them our website, check out some of the great pictures and posts we have, and of course… comment on our Facebook page with which class your child is most excited to participate in this summer!
STEP 4: Wait for July…
It may be hard, the build up of excitement for the great hands-on activities is sure to have you at the edge of your seats, but we promise that the car ride home from your child’s first day at Minds On Science will be filled with stories, experiments and memorable moments!

We’re also willing to bet, there will be a few “Thanks, Mom” and “Dad, this was the greatest day ever!” coming from the back seat 🙂

We’re Live! 2/14/18

It’s hard to believe, but the time is here… our website is up and running and ready for registrations!  We are letting YOU know first as our original family, friend & fan group.  While you get first dibs, as you know classes will fill very quickly, so don’t wait!

We are offering 7 different (and pretty incredible) classes this summer, which is super exciting!  One big change this year is that all registration will be done online, so you’ll know immediately which classes are available.  Sign up early and be sure to share our website and Facebook page with friends and family.

If you’ve been following our Facebook posts, you’ve seen that we have released 5 of our classes being offered this summer.  Curious to know our last two?  We’ve saved two of our favorites- scroll down to see what we’re offering.

Click here to see our classes for this summer, register right online!

Thank you for your support!

-Minds On Science

Welcome To Minds On Science 2/5/18

Welcome to Minds On Science!

Fans, friends and former scientists of Super Science, we welcome you to Minds On Science, your summer enrichment program for the summer of 2018.  We will be hosting the program at New Milford High School, July 9-20.

While we are still working to finalize the extra special details on our website (all registration will be online!), we have been keeping everyone posted on great new updates and class offerings through our Facebook page.  We hope to have our website up within the next week or two.  In the meantime, please go onto our Facebook page and “like us” and “follow us” to hear about our classes being held this summer.

Once our site is live and registration is up and running, we will email the veteran customers to give you a full 24 hour head start to select classes and register before we announce to the public.  Be sure to check your email and stay tuned for our release date!

Thank you for your support and for sharing in our love of science!!!  We’re looking forward to an incredible summer of learning, experimenting and some memorable experiences!

-Minds On Science